Hoo’s Woods Wishlist

Some supporters prefer to donate items. They feel it creates a more personal connection to our work and the birds. Here are a few things you can donate to help: 

Portable X-Ray Machine

·· Gas Powered Weed Trimmer

· Various sizes cable ties

· 8x10 tarps

· New or used towels

· Mr. Clean Magic erasers

· Trash bags any size

Daisy mats or similar astroturf mats- for perches and travel boxes 

Gift Cards:  Menards or Home Depot for building supplies

Dollar General for clinic supplies 

Gas cards for picking up and transporting birds 

Vista Print for printed materials 

Please check back at our website as items vary throughout the year. To schedule a time to drop off your items please email us at falco5@ticon.net 

or call 608-883-2795. 

Thank you!