Hoo’s Woods Wishlist

Some supporters prefer to donate items. They feel it creates a more personal connection to our work and the birds. Here are a few things you can donate to help: 


Clinic Needs  

· Portable X-Ray Machine 

· Latex exam gloves med and large 

· New or used towels 

· New Microwave

· Artificial plants and trees for cages 

· Daisy mats or similar astroturf mats- for perches and travel boxes 

· Heavy duty scissors/ kitchen shears 

· Tennis balls, dog pet toys for enrichment 

· Mr. Clean Magic erasers

· Trash bags any size

· Plastic bristled scrub brushes 

· Paper Towels 

· Plastic resealable bags (Ziplock Bags) 

· Poop off- bird poop removal spray

·  Canon print ink cartridge MX490  numbers 243 and 246

Facility Needs and Services 

· Small laptop for programs

· Ice Melt salt for driveway

· Plowing Service for driveway 

· 8x10 tarps

· Leather work gloves size med 

· Gift Cards: Menards/Lowes/Home Depot for building supplies, Dollar General for clinic supplies, Gas cards for picking up and transporting birds, Vistaprint for printed materials 

Big Wish Items 

· 4Wheel Drive Truck 

Please check back at our website as items vary throughout the year. To schedule a time to drop off your items please email us at falco5@ticon.net or call 608-883-2795. 

                                                    Thank you!