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Show the animal lover in your life how big your heart is with the gift that supports bird of prey education and conservation. Your raptor sponsorship helps care for our resident birds and those cared for and released back into the wild by paying for food, cage care, medication, veterinary care, supplies, and programs to teach others about the importance of birds of prey.

Adoption Kit Includes:  You will receive an 8 x 10 professional photo of your raptor, information text sheet about the species,  and a personalized Certificate of Sponsorship. 

Your tax deductible donation includes adopting one of the following species: Bald eagle, golden eagle, barn owl, barred owl, snowy owl, spectacled owl, screech owl, peregrine falcon, American kestrel, merlin (falcon), rough- legged hawk,  red tailed hawk, Mississippi kite or vulture.

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